Open Fiscal Data

  • What is Open Fiscal Data?
    How much money does the government use every year? What are some government-held fiscal projects?
    If you have questions like this, you can utilize the Open Fiscal Data portal to get answers.
  • Open Fiscal Data is an open portal website that discloses general fiscal data related to national fiscal operations (e.g. budgets, executions, settlements) in a transparent manner for the public’s access to information.
  • General users who want general information regarding government finances can browse the fiscal overview to gain fiscal data.
    Professional users who wish for specialized fiscal information can use fiscal data to get more analytic data.

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  • General users

    Users who need simple information from Open Fiscal Data

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    Users who need professional information from Open Fiscal Data

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  • Fiscal Overivew
    • Integrated financial information

    • Overview of the three major national finances

    • Cental Finance

    • Local Finance

    • Local Education Finance

  • Fiscal Data
    • Government Finance Statistics

    • Revenue

    • Spending

    • Fiscal Balance